About Gawain

My name is Gawain Jones and I’m a professional chess player.  I am currently living in London with my wife named Sue who help me keep this website updated.  I am looking to play in strong tournaments for both individual or team events. Unfortunately at this moment I won’t be offering any coaching but simply focusing on my chess. I have also authored a few books (Grand Prix Attack and How to Beat the Sicilian)

I was born in Yorkshire but I have lived in Italy,Ireland,Australia and New Zealand. I enjoy travelling, playing all board games and green things. At the moment, I enjoy running as well as playing tennis.

I moved to Italy with my family when I was 14 living in the beautiful Tuscan countryside,Lucca. I therefore speak some Italian ;-). My family then moved to Ennis,Ireland when I was 16 where I started high school.  A few years later, they moved again this time back to the UK but about as far away as you can be in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland – they are currently still there and I tend to enjoy playing the Irish Weekenders with a trip back to see my parents and 2 younger brothers.

In 2008 I met my fiancée, and in 2009 moved Down Under. We spent a few months in Australia doing the circuit there SIO,Doerberl Cup, Gold Coast Open and Oceania Zonals. We then came back to the UK to do a summer tour here playing the British Championship as well as Porto San Giorgio Open in Italy before heading back to New Zealand.

In New Zealand we lived and I coached,simuled, plus wrote my ChessPublishing updates as well as started my book about the Anti-Sicilians. We are now living in London and our future plans mean we will be staying in the Northern Hemisphere indefinitely!

Thank you all for reading my blog,