Dubai Blitz Winner & Dubai Open

Ga in action during Round 2

Ga in action during Round 2

Gawain is in the final stages of the 18th Dubai Open, tomorrow will be round 8 (so only 2 more rounds left) and currently he”s leading with GM Vladmir Akopian, Boris Savchenko & Ivan Sokolov ( who I think is the national UAE coach). He’ll be on Board 1 facing the Armenian GM Akopian. You can find the pairings here. I’m watching the games off my chess24 app (though the fluctuating computer evaluations could give me a heart attack – I prob should turn it off).


The time control is very fast with just 90minutes + 30 seconds increment for the whole game (so no extra time at move 40). I find it quite fast with the added 30 minutes at move 40 so I think I would find this very quick! This means that many players are playing just on increments in the latter stages of the game and sometimes blundering. Tournament wise I believe it’s all being run very smoothly. The official hotel is some way away from the playing venue but I think it’s pretty convenient to get to.

Fellow Englishman FM Dan Bisby

Fellow Englishman FM Dan Bisby

Gawain won the Dubai Blitz 🙂  You can read more about it on the official website. After his round 3 lost I think he wasn’t expecting to come first. He gained 22.8 rating points to take his blitz rating to 2733.8 and World No.


Up in the air

Up in the air ( a perk of the job!)

I was in Dubai over February half term and it was great fun! Beautiful weather. Unfortunately me (and the family I nanny for) were quite ill over this break. We also went 2 years ago and here’s what I did!

With Lexi!

With Lexi!

The  Bangkok Open has just finished. This is definitely on the ‘must do tournaments’ list. Maybe next year 🙂 Special mention to Kaisar Jenius Hakiki (he beat English GM Stevie G) who I met at the 2008 World Youth in Vung Tau, Vietnam. His sister is a big stronger than him but I’m glad to see that he is still playing – flicking through some of the old pictures not many of us play anymore.


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  1. Bagger
    May 7, 2016 at 11:55 pm #

    Well done Gawain,

    Now get after the top 50 in the world.


    Then 2750!

    You know you can do this.

    Work harder than ever on your chess.

    You’re getting stronger.

    Get fitter. Go to the Gym.

    Go for it! Attack attack attack!

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