2nd Big Slick International

2nd Big Slick International 25th June – 3rd July 2011

I am pleased to announce the 2nd Big Slick International will take place from the 25th June to the 3rd July at the following address:


Unlike the 1st event held in June 2009 when there was one all-play-all and a weekend tournament, this year there will be four ten player nine round all-play-alls with at least one section where it is possible to get GM norms and at least one additional section where IM norms will be possible. It will, of course, also be possible to get WGM and WIM norms in those sections. In addition, there will be a blitz tournament after the final round of the all-play-alls on the 3rd July.

The entry fees for the events are as follows:

GM norm event: £200 for titled players (IM/WGM/WIM/FM/WFM); £300 for non-titled.

IM norm events: £100 for titled players (WGM/WIM/FM/WFM); £150 for non-titled.

Rated events: £50 for rated players; £100 for unrated.

The Chief Arbiter will be International Arbiter David Sedgwick. Simon Williams and I will co-organise the event.

The time limit will be 40 moves in 2 hours followed by a further 30 minutes for all remaining moves. All rounds will start at 12.00 and finish by 17:00. Players arriving one hour or more after the start of a round shall lose, unless the arbiter decides otherwise.

I would like to thank The Friends of Chess and the John Robinson Trust for their kind offers of financial support for the event.

I encourage Grandmasters who are interested in playing to contact me regarding conditions at lozcooper@hotmail.com

The winner(s) of the rated section(s) will receive free entry to the 2012 Big Slick IM norm section and the winner(s) of the IM norm section(s) will free receive entry to the 2012 GM norm event.

Lawrence Cooper

Big Slick Co-organiser

29th March 2011

Here is a list of players

GM Simon Williams (England) 2520
GM Danny Gormally (England) 2502
GM Luis Galego (Portugal) 2501
GM Bogdan Lalic (Croatia) 2469
GM Keith Arkell (England) 2419
IM Suri Vaibhav (India) 2430 (subject to obtaining visa)
IM Jovanka Houska (England) 2429
IM Simon Ansell (England) 2427
IM elect FM Yang-Fan Zhou (England) 2423 (to be confirmed))
IM Alexei Slavin (Russia) 2411
Shiven Khosla (India) 2391 (subject to obtaining visa)
FM David Eggleston (England) 2319
FM David Ledger (England) 2245
WFM Sarah Hegarty (England) 2108
WFM Maria Yurenok (England) 2100
WFM Suzy Blackburn (Wales) 1944
Gary O’Grady (Ireland) 1880
Paul Isherwood (England) 2029
Jasper Tambini (England) 1924

Update 17/05/2011:
FM Nicolas Croad (New Zealand) 2276
Mark Ozanne (Guernsey) 2020

Check out GingerGM for the latest updates.

GM norm opportunity for 2401+ and IM norm opportunity for 2093+ is available at the Big Slick International. Contact Loz Cooper at director.international@englishchess.org.uk for further info. The tournament takes place in Croydon, South London so come check out the capital city.