37th Chess Olympiad

Hi Readers,

Sorry for the delay in posting. Things have been hectic after the British as I had sent my passport (as well as Gawain’s) of to the United Kingdom Border Agency (UKBA) to apply for my spousal visa, luckily I’ve gotten confirmation that Gawain’s passport has been dispatched today and so will be with us in the next day or so. Unfortunately for me, my application is still being looked at and I had to pull out of the New Zealand’s Women’s team. This will be the first Olympiad I have missed since 2002 (Bled) and I’m very sad not to be representing New Zealand. I hope that I’ll be able to sort out my biometrics and fly out to the tournament at a later date but I’m doubtful that will happen.

The UKBA have not been very helpful and even spelt my name wrong on the biometrics letter which I need to do for them to proceed with my application. Due to this mistake, my application is further delay as they need to post me another letter.

I’m very sorry to let down my team and wish them all the luck and I’d also like to thank our reserve WIM Marany Meyer for being able to confirm at such short notice. Things are also left on a sour note for myself as this would’ve been my last Olympiad playing for New Zealand as I’m switching to my husband’s federation, England.

I’ll be updating the website in the UK but hope to be able to hit the ground as soon as I get my lovely passport!


Here I am with my team at the Dresden Olympiad 🙂