4NCL and NEW! Bi monthly F.E.B

I couldn’t update that about the 4NCL during the weekend as that would have given away that Gawain and I were in Sunningdale about to play! There was still snow at the venue (have you seen the temperatures in Europe?) but at least London is now a nice and balmy 7degrees.

4NCL saw both of us score 1.5/2 over the weekend. My team in the second division won both matches whilst Gawain’s White Rose in the top division beat Oxford but unfortunately lost to Cheddleton on the Sunday.

This is the current standings (Click on image to see full view)

How the league works is that in each division there are 2 groups which play over 4 weekends. The top 4 from each group then merge together to form the Winner’s pool and the bottom 4 in both groups play in the relegation pool. White Rose came 3rd overall last year so will hopefully find some form in the upcoming rounds.

I’m very excited about the new bi monthly episodes of the Full English Breakfast. If you haven’t listened to this yet then it’s a must for all your chess updates rolled up into a podcast! Check out the latest episode here.

We’re both off to Bunratty this weekend which is ridiculously strong there are currently 11 Grandmasters and 10 International masters which has 45players. Check out their website which is bound to have reports and the live games.