4ncl: Round 9 and 10

Gawain as semi predicted played IM Richard Palliser (yes- the organizer from the York Simul) and although the game looked shaky, Gawain prevailed to take the full point. Pride and Prejudice beat White Rose 7-1 with 2 draw including my fellow Kiwi FM Nic Croad(White Rose) drawing with GM Glenn Flear(P&P).


Yesterday the team played IA Sean Hewitts e2e4 which includes Yang Fan Zhou an IM elect who completed his norm requirements at the Coulsdon tournament. The 16 year old gained his 2nd norm by scoring an amazing 9/9 in Brigton, an all play all including beating GM Keith Arkell,GM Alexander Cherniev amongst others. I believe in the May list he gained around 100 points so if Ga played him he would be playing a 2323 but if he played him in another tournament only a few days later he would be 2423 (!).

Today the team is up against Wood Green Hilsmark Kingfisher playing for 1st place. Let’s hope it’s a good fight to watch. The match up includes Luke McShane vs. Mickey Adams on Board 1. This is what happened last time they played in the Bundesliga.

Next up we have confirmed to play in the Ennis Open in Ennis, Ireland (closest airport Shannon). This is where Gawain lived for a while whilst in Ireland and he definitely loves the Irish lifestyle J having been a familiar face at Bunratty and Kilkenny.

P.s Check out the latest Full English Breakfast Episode 9