A bit of R&R

Sorry I haven’t updated in a while. After leaving Northern Ireland we went back to the mainland Travelling from Enniskillen to Edgworth (Between Bolton and Bury) where Gawain’s grandparents live took 10 hours, including one bus, a ferry, 4 trains and 2 taxi rides. Gawain used the time to write his latest chesspublishing update. We then made a pit stop at Gawain’s mum’s cousin’s house near London for another overnight stay (We stayed here when we flew to Pisa for Porto San Giorgio a few weeks earlier) and also to pick up some stuff. We packed successfully although I did ban Gawain on bringing a 4kg board game called War On Terror.

We have now spent 10days in Malaysia doing nothing, originally we were jet lagged which was used as the excuse but the heat here has made us lethargic. Our days include waking up, eating noodles and steamed buns then going to the Internet café before napping again then watching something on dvd. We also recently got addicted to pinball (played on Ga’s birthday gift) the highest score currently is about 4million (his) but I’ll beat it soon – we’ve spent way too long playing.

Not very productive but Ga’s playing the George Trundle the day after we get back (Saturday 26th). During our stay here we did attend my cousin’s registration (similar to a civil wedding except done in a Buddhist temple). We spent a few days in Kuala Lumpur but it was over Hari Raya (the Malay new year) which is a public holiday so the Petronas towers were closed, instead we watched G-Force in 3D with my cousins and ate NZ natural ice-cream! Mmmh. My family live in a small town but it’s just so hot there’s not much to do all day, unfortunately being in a tropical country poor Ga’s been bitten all over by mosquitoes but we leave tonight (just at KLIA) and will be back in New Zealand very soon!