About Gawain

My name is Gawain Jones and I’m a professional chess player.  I am currently living in Sheffield, South Yorkshire with my wife Sue who helps me keep this website updated.  I am looking to play in strong tournaments for both individual or team events. Unfortunately at this moment I won’t be offering any coaching but simply focusing on my chess. I have also authored a few books Starting Out: Sicilian Grand Prix Attack, How to Beat the Sicilian:An Anti Sicilian Repertoire and part of the Quality Chess Grandmaster Repertoire The Dragon: Volume One/Volume Two. I also have done a dvd the Killer Grand Prix with Ginger GM

I was born in Yorkshire but I have lived in Italy,Ireland,Australia and New Zealand. I enjoy travelling, playing all board games and green things. At the moment, I enjoy running, playing rugby as well as playing tennis.

I moved to Italy with my family when I was 14 living in the beautiful Tuscan countryside,Lucca. I therefore speak  Italian  My family then moved to Ennis,Ireland when I was 16 where I started high school.  A few years later, they moved again this time back to the UK but about as far away as you can be in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland.

In 2008 I met Sue, and in 2009 moved Down Under. We spent a few months in Australia doing the circuit there SIO,Doerberl Cup, Gold Coast Open and Oceania Zonals. We lived in Wellington, New Zealand where I coached, did simuls and wrote my book “How to beat the Sicilian Defense”. We moved back to England in 2010 and  we now live in Sheffield, South Yorkshire.


Thank you all for reading my blog,