Australia Time

Happy New Years! NZ is one of the first countries to see the sun rising across the horizon. We’ll probably be up to catch a taxi for our 6am flight across the Tasman.

We spent the last few days having a bbq at a bach the first day was horrible weather, cold, windy and rainy but we had fun playing Carcassonn the next day it was sunny warm and no wind! We were up at Kapiti Coast playing beach cricket with 5dogs  (2 which loved to field). Kapiti is also famous for it’s delicious ice-cream and cheeses which we love to devour.

Kapiti Island a bird nature reservist!

Check out for information but hopefully I’ll be updating!

We’ll be going with a friend to check out the Minus 5 Ice Lounge luckily we don’t have to bring jackets 😉

Hope you had a good New Year, Good luck to people in Hastings and don’t forget to keep safe!