Back in the UK

After 2 months in the United States, I’ve finally made it back to the UK. I panicked when I was in the taxi on the way to JFK as I realized I was travelling without my Biometrics Card which is needed every time I enter and exit the UK. Luckily for me they weren’t too harsh on me and let me back into the country.

Gawain in the summer had such a hectic schedule – London to NY, NY to Dublin, Dublin to Nice, Nice to London, London to Baku via Istanbul, Baku to London via Istanbul, London to NY, NY to Reykjavik, Reykjavik to NY (Atlantic City), NY to Manchester then finally a return flight from Manchester to Munich!

We are now in Sheffield and have just made an offer on what we hope will be our new home. Sheffield seems like such a great city and after being in London for 6 years we made the decision that living there wasn’t for us anymore. We’ve made some great friends, gotten fitter but the busyness and cost of living in London made us decide a move to the North was for us. Sheffield with its great transport links and having friends already living here was an easy decision. So far I’ve learnt how hilly it is! I look forward to joining my 2nd chess club since Hammersmith and practicing my chess.

A "healthy" Yorkshire meal after a run: Pie, gravy, mushy peas & ploughmans salad!
A “healthy” Yorkshire meal after a run: Pie, gravy, mushy peas &  Ploughman’s salad!

Gawain owes you an update on the Millionaire Tournament where he came 2nd losing in the finals to GM Dariusz Swiercz. I’m so proud of his tenacity during the tournament and he’s now back in the Top 100. Next week we head to Lausanne, Switzerland, where Gawain will be doing his first half marathon and I’ll be doing the 10km. I’m not prepared but I’m sure we will have fun catching up with our mates.

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