British Chess Championship – Round 1

Arrived safely at Sheffield and we’re about 5minutes walk away from the venue which is great. The first round started yesterday and the Top 4 managed to win 😉 – I mean, it is strange these accelerated pairings (Never can predict who you are playing) when the Top 4 are still playing after 5 and a half hours!

Gawain played FM Lawrence Webb who played into a draw line but Gawain managed to covert his marginally position into a winning rook and pawn endgame.

Next up Gawain plays his friend and our flatmate IM Thomas Rendle, it’ll be an interesting game considering the dynamics. Games start at 2.15pm every day with a rest day on the Sunday.

It’s a big spacious venue though a bit muggy (Sheffield is too). Yesterday the internet went down from the games but otherwise I hope that there will be live games up from today esp. as I’ll be watching them with you :).  Commentary by Andrew Martin is available daily at the venue from 3pm. Yesterday if you noticed the draw there were a few “upsets” if you can call them that as they accerelate pariings instead of playing a 2100, Most GMs played an IM. I’m not sure exactly why they have this system in place but it’s something to do with players geting their norms but personally over 11 rounds it seems silly!

I’m hoping to play tourist for the remaining days I’m here including a visit to the peak district!