Sorry for the late update!

It’s been over a week since we arrived in a wet England. We spent the first couple of days up in Stafford spent with Gawain’s family. Since leaving there we’ve been in Torquay for the British Championships (where our usb modem doesn’t like to work). Gawain’s off to a good start on 4.5/5 drawing with top seed GM David Howell in a somewhat boring game. Tommorrow he faces GM Stephen Gordon. My play on the otherhand has suffered from the bad weather here and I’m on 2.5/5. Socially it’s been great, everybody’s been heading over to the local pub to play pool and unwind after a day’s work.

Torquay itself is a strange town on the “English Riviera”. It’s quite hilly and filled with exchange students,young families and old pensioners . The weather unfortunately hasn’t been too impressive since I had to go and buy an umbrella! It’s improved today and I even wore a skirt. Gawain has been dressing up quite nicely I have to say using his shirts made in Thailand. He’ll be all dressed up (and myself) when he plays in Staunton next week. It is quite a busy time but by then I’ll be taking a much needed break from chess and will be able to update more frequently!

The day after tomorrow is the rest day and so far we have nothing planned except Gawain doing his monthly Dragon update and a bit of Crazy Golf.

P.S is the link where you can get much quicker updates on his (and mine) score! 🙂 You can also place a bet on the British at