Bundesliga Round 10/11

Gawain and his team are playing host this round. They are in last place in the league and need to win this weekend. Today they are up against Werder Bremen which is a formidable team (bottom board is GM Babula 2572).

Here are the pairings

10th round: Saturday, 25th of February 2012, 2pm
SC Remagen – Werder Bremen
SG Solingen – SK Turm Emsdetten

11th round: Sunday, 26th of February 2012, 10 am
Werder Bremen – SG Solingen
SK Turm Emsdetten – SC Remagen

Today Gawain faces his friend and colleague, Luke McShane who has a full time job but continues to play astounding chess (look at his results from the London Chess Classic). You can check out the live game on the main site or via this link.