Bye bye New Zealand…

Hi all,

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  If we have any Chinese readers Xin Nian Kuai Le( it won’t show the characters!)Now that we are getting married, I don’t receive any ang pau anymore 🙁 and now will have to give but oh well.

I’m in Malaysia and borrowing my cousins laptop. The ipad is quite bad for trying to update the website, can’t upload photos, typing is difficult and there was some strange auto correct.

Ideally we would have updated round by round but that proved to be difficult time wise. We spent pretty much all mornings either hanging out with friends or my brother! Then lunch before the game starting at 3pm. Gawain played very long games and I did as well! Chess wise I’ll leave that up to Gawain, I felt I concentrated better even drawing with an IM Guy West with the black pieces. It’s a bit frustrating getting a better position but wimping out though.. fingers cross I’ll gain the confidence for next time.

Gawain is still in NZ while I head back to London. We did some amazing things and saw some amazing places and of course ate lots of yummy food.

Part 1: We road trip with our friends Ross, Lin (and doggies) , Bill and Maria: Drive down from Wellington to Queenstown

Part 2: Tournament. Gawain finished on 6/9 and I finished on 4.5/9

Part 3:Activities in Queenstown: Gondola,Luge,Disc golf, The remarkables.

Gawain returns to London next Friday and then we’ll head to Germany together for the Bundesliga. I’ll write more in London!