Calm after the storm (hopefully)

This time the late update isn’t my fault. Gawain wanted to wait until he had beaten a NZder (later on to find out he is scottish) before I updated this site. He’s on 3.5/5 beating 2 of the 3 Australians here and drawing against New Zealander Nic Croad. Tomorrow he plays Stephen Lukey.

The weather here has been stranger than usual. Last night we arrived back to near monsoon like rain. A tsunami has hit Samoa as well and NZ was earlier on a tsunami warning but nothing has come of it. We did take a quick trip up to One Tree Hill (The U2 song is named after it and the tv series bears the name of the U2 song) when the sun was shining. It didn’t last long though.

I myself read the Twilight books while waiting for Ga. One does have a lot of free time whilst waiting.