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  • British Championships and FIDE World Cup

    British Championships and FIDE World Cup

    I’ve been home for a few days now and so I decided it’s time to look back at my previous two tournaments. The British started somewhat disappointingly when I got bogged down with too many draws. After winning round one, I had a repeat of my final round pairing from the previous year’s tournament with…

  • Torquay


    It’s been 4 years since I’ve last been in Torquay and a lot has changed. I guess when I first came over it was my taster of what the UK was like and I don’t have particularly fond memories of Torquay. Last time the weather wasn’t particularly nice and our flat was small strange ¬†and…

  • 100th British Chess Championship

    100th British Chess Championship

    Gawain left on Saturday to go and defend his title in Torquay. This year’s line up include 12 Grandmasters including just 2 former champions – Can you guess which ones? Also this year we see 9 other countries represented in the Championship! I’m not including the 4 nations (England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland) or Guernsey.…