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  • The Paralytic Games

    The Paralytic Games

    Yesterday evening my flatmates Tom and Pete and me headed into Central London to The Plough, the pub that hosts the home matches of the Drunken Knights in the London League. Nevil Chan had organised their annual blitz tournament, nicknamed the Paralytic Games – see their name! After a tough Olympiad I wanted to play…

  • Are Chess players especially intelligent?

    Are Chess players especially intelligent?

    Judit Polgar, (Child prodigy, Best Female Chess player in the World ever, Super GM and a Mum to boot) tweeted this website yesterday. Now, I’m not denying that she’s very intelligent. I haven’t met her yet but noticing the list of “The 10 Smartest People Alive Today”, to my knowledge 3 of them are “proper”…

  • A sporadic update

    A sporadic update

    Hey again people. Sorry for another delay in posting. Since getting back from Rome I’ve been recharging my batteries ready for my extremely hectic next seven weeks. I’m off to Northern Ireland to see my parents and brothers, and of course old Robbie the dog, early tomorrow morning before heading down to Galway for a…