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  • Icelandic League February – March 2014

    Icelandic League February – March 2014

      Wednesday evening I returned to Iceland for the second half of the Icelandic league. The first half of the season had gone very well, see and we were fighting for the top couple of places and qualification for the European Club Cup which will be in Bilbao in October. I want to start this update…

  • Return to Iceland

    Return to Iceland

    The first half of the Icelandic League was played a couple of weeks ago and Sue and I made the trip over to play for our team GM Hellir. When I started playing the team was Matar which then merged with Godinn. Just before the start of this season we made another merger and we’re…

  • Icelandic League Final Weekend

    Icelandic League Final Weekend

    I left you on Wednesday with the completion of the Reykjavik Open. We went out for a nice meal at Gandhi, an Indian restaurant (obviously) followed by a few beers in the English Pub and Obladi-Oblada, a bar with three chess boards and clocks which were obviously used for some wind down blitz. Thursday was…