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  • Tata Steel Challengers Winner

    Tata Steel Challengers Winner

    I’m so happy that Gawain won the Tata Steel Challengers (on tiebreak) with 9/13 along with Markus Ragger. The tie break in use was individual result which favoured Ga as he beat Markus in Round 6. Like most of you I was watching the last game and couldn’t bear to watch the proceedings (especially not in real…

  • Impressions of Wijk aan Zee

    Impressions of Wijk aan Zee

    It’s been cold, windy and sunny. Soon I’ll have to go out for a run to keep up with my fitness. That’s one of the difficult things of travelling so much keeping a routine especially when you are “stuck” in one place. I was told there was a gym in the nearby town of Beverwijk…

  • Happy New Year & Tata Steel Challengers

    Happy New Year & Tata Steel Challengers

    We have arrived in Wijk aan zee and today will  be the first round of the Tata Steel Masters and Challengers Chess Tournament. There are also many amateur events happening and everyone gets to play in the same hall. The round for Gawain’s game will start at 13.30 local time and is played in the…