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  • Tata Steel Masters – Round 6-8

    Tata Steel Masters – Round 6-8

    We always knew that rounds 6-8 would be difficult. Having Black against Vladimir and Magnus and White against Peter meant getting any points would be nice. Gawain managed to get 1 out of 3 which is a good score from that field and is now on 3.5/8. In Round 6, Ga faced Vladimir Kramnik and was…

  • Tata Steel Masters, Rounds 1-5

    Tata Steel Masters, Rounds 1-5

    Wijk aan Zee is a small village which hosts the first major “super tournament” of the year. It’s normally held in January and overlaps briefly with the strong open, The Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival. Closed tournaments for 2650 Grandmasters are hard to come by, so when you get such an opportunity you really want to grab it. At…

  • Tata Steel Opening Ceremony

    Tata Steel Opening Ceremony

    There’s something nice about being near the sea, though it would be even better if it was summer time! Oh well. This tournament is seeped in history and for many reasons players keep coming back to play in Wijk. It’s quite a special place with a great chess atmosphere. The playing hall “De Moriaan” transforms…