Checkmate Covid 19 and Streaming

I think I’ve now done six streams on my twitch channel. I still feel very new to it all but I’m gaining more confidence with every stream. Hopefully it’s coming together, particularly thanks to Sue who did both the technical and aesthetic side.

From Saturday 5pm there was a 24 hour marathon of 5-minutes games on It was a charity event organised by the ECF, with all proceeds going to the British Red Cross. I managed to stream my play for around five hours, and have currently raised half of my £500 goal for the Red Cross. If you enjoyed my stream and would like to donate, please check out my tiltify page. You’ll be able to donate until June the 1st.

Overall I was fairly happy with my plan, my only losses coming from very promising positions against Mickey Adams and Danny Gormally when I ran too low on time. Getting the balance right while streaming is tricky!

Congratulations to Harry Grieve on an impressive effort, edging out Danny Gormally by 1pt!

Sue mentioned that I should’ve tried to stream for the 24 hours in anticipation of the birth of our first child but I’ll insist on getting as much sleep as I can now.

I was lucky to have Sue as a guest on my stream for the last hour and half. It does make it easier when you have someone you can have a conversation with, and she could keep an eye on the chat. Thanks for all your help, darling!

Watch Phoenix makes her debut from verdenotte on

We got Phoenix just before England went into lockdown. She was a case dog at the RSPCA Sheffield. The night before Sue helped a stray dog be reunited with its owner via facebook. She had a bright idea that since we would both be at home it would be a perfect time to foster a dog. It’s been such a blessing to have Phoenix in our lives. She’s a very sweet 10 year old blue staffy, and though we don’t know much about her history, but she’s extremely good natured, although perhaps not around cats.

Someone in chat asked if I have a streaming schedule. I haven’t established one yet though I have some ideas floating around. If any readers have any ideas about what kind of content they would be interested in, please feel free to DM me on twitter or post a comment here.

Sue will also be working on my social media channels and improving my website when she has time.