Chess Olympiad 2012

I’m pleased to announce that we will be both participating in the 2012 Olympiad in Turkey. Gawain will play board 2 behind Mickey Adams for the English team and I’ll be board 1 for the New Zealand’s Women’s team.

Here are our teams:


1. Michael Adams
2. Gawain Jones
3. Nigel Short
4. David Howell
5. Nick Pert

Captain: Peter Wells.


WGM Anya Corke, WFMs Maria Yurenok, Sabrina Chevannes, Kanwal Bhatia, Sarah Hegarty.

Captain: Stephen Gordon.

New Zealand:


1. IM Russell Dive
2. FM Nic Croad
3. FM Mike Steadman
4. IM Paul Garbett
5. Luke Li

Captain: Hilton Bennet


1. WIM Sue Maroroa
2. WFM Helen Milligan
3. Judy Gao
4. WFM Nicole Tsoi
5. WFM Natasha Fairley

Captain: Peter Hulshof

There seems to be a lot of complications regarding the regulations in place and of course now the banning of the arbiters. But let’s not detract away from the main reason we are there, to play some chess! If you have never been to an Olympiad (this is my 6th Bled, Calvia, Turin, Dresden and Khanty Mansisk) I highly recommend you come along! But remember to try and get into the infamous Bermuda Party, where you see players from all walks of life let loose on the dance floor. In Khanty Mansisk, we had twice the fun as the Irish Party had it’s first event, let’s hope there will be another!


This was taken from the 2008 Olympiad held in Dresden.