Chiang Mai

We’ve been and gone to Malaysia. We spent two days with my family with Gawain mostly doing his chesspublishing work (delayed due to the South African Open) and I mostly sleeping. We woke up again at our weird times and feeling extremely hungry. Lucky for us my family owns a coffee shop which opens at 5am so we could have breakfast and go back to sleep.

Now we’re in Chiang Mai, we arrived yesterday and hopefully a friend of mine will be here soon. We walked around a lot and saw many temples, monks and foreigners. We went to get Ga fitted for a suit and today we’re going to check if the shirt fits. We both don’t know too much about suits but hopefully we weren’t ripped off. After walking around for a few hours we were exhausted and headed for bed. We forgot to set an alarm and then woke up at midnight feeling hungry we went for a walk and found some hawker stalls, a tesco and a couple of 7/11s. I’m not quite sure what we ate but it cost 92baht for 2bowls of noodles and a can of beer that seemed quite a good deal (under £2). Today there isn’t much planned but I’m hoping to do a cooking class & get a massage. Over the next few days we want to go visit some elephants and go up to Wat Phra Thart Doi Suthep. We saw the start of the night baazar which stretched for miles. I’m not quite sure where in the city we are staying but I think inside the walls.