Couch to 5 Kilometres! (C25K)

Week 1 of the C25K Programme completed and done :). Tara MacGowran (wife to English Number 1 Mickey Adams) recommended this while we were being wags while our boys were playing at the British. She told me that it takes you literally from no exercise to being able to run 5 kilometres in 9 weeks..
Since Ga got his new android phone I downloaded the free version of the app and now we are combining the jogging with some tennis.

Physical fitness if so important for life in general but as a chess player sititng there playing for 5+hours you need stamina to keep your game on. Gawain’s last round is what we’d call a marathon against GM Nick Pert they made it nearly to the 8th hours with 144 moves being played.

I’m working on a combination of C25k, tennis and pilates to help me get super fit and be able to fit into that wedding dress!