Danish Team Rapidplay

Today,  we are in Odense, Denmark where Gawain makes his debut for the Philidor Chess Club. It’s the newest formed club which like most clubs in Denmark or like the London league dont meet on a regular basis but instead catch up to play for the Danish league.

Gawain’s teammates include GM Nils Grandelius, IM Jacob Glud, IM Nikolaj Mikklesen and Jan Andersen.
There will be 6 rounds played today with the winner taking the title with game points. 4 boards play every round and you can have a reserve. You can check out the games live here. It works for my iPad so hopefully it will work for you.
The weather has been lovely in Denmark with the sun blazing hot and with a slight breeze to keep it cool, it’s just perfect. We spent yesterday, cycling in Copenhagen and its such a lovely place to be a cyclis. London should take a looks at the cycle routes here and implement them there! It would feel much safer and ease all that congestion.