Dissapointing Bundesliga 🙁

Gawain flew back into London Heathrow early Friday morning, 5.25am then we left in the afternoon for Bundesliga. Bundesliga this weekend was held in Solingen a town famous for it’s steel.

Gawain’s team unfortunately didn’t win a match this weekend. In the 8th Round of the league they drew 4:4 with Dortmund. The final game finished around 8.30pm but unfortunately the youngest player on our team IM Benjamin Bok didn’t manage to win I think a winning position. The endgame started our completely drawn so it was very impressive that he manage to outplay his opponent into something winning.

On Sunday,SC 1950 Remagen played SC Wattenscheid 1930. SC Wattenscheid Top 2 boards are very strong (Vitugov and Najer) then they drop to 2530. Gawain played Sebastian Bogner a 21 year old German GM. Looking at the team situation was dire – it looked like the team were going to lose 4.5-3.5 so Gawain decided to try for the win. Unfortunately that plan didn’t materialize and his opponent played sensibly, fast and well! This mean the final score was 5-3.

This is how the team has done so far. As you can see most of the matches has been fairly close and I think it’s well known that Remagen is a very unlucky team with matches normally decided by 1 or 2 games! At the moment we are Number 16 out of 16 but there is still 6 rounds to go. Fingers crossed!