ECF Player of the Year Award

It’s time again to vote for the English Chess Federation Player of the Year. I see there is an online poll currently lead by Yang Fan Zhou with 31.27% of the Vote. I don’t believe this vote is accurate – just perhaps a vote to see public opinion as only ECF members have a vote. Yang Fan Zhou had an amazing run in the last few tournaments but didn’t start out the year so hot though he is definitely someone who is an up and coming junior and a talent to watch out for.

UPDATE – I personally didn’t realise this was the real voting system for the award! The voting poll has now been stop and I guess they are going to find some other way for members of the federation to vote!

This year, we believe that Gawain’s compatriot GM Luke McShane deserves the honours, an amazing year has yielded him with results such as winner of the 2010 World Open, winner of the Canadian Open, winner of the 3rd  Remco Heite Tournament, 2nd=with Vishy Anand and unbeaten at London Classic including  his first round victory against Carlsen, winner of the Tata Steel B tournament qualifying for the A tournament next year, qualification for the next stage of the World Championship cycle at the European Individual, and breaking the Adams/Short (1,2) cycle for the first time in something like 20years (!) (Thanks Richard Bates)- will try and check on that but he’s had an amazing year!

Congratulations to everyone who made it onto the list and I wish all luck to the participants!