Enniskillen to Galway – Distance:137miles Time: 6hours

Hi everyone. Just a very quick update to let you know I’m still kicking! Just in Northern Ireland at my parents’ place now but about to head down to Galway where I’m doing a simul this evening and then playing the weekender which starts on the Friday. Check previous updates for the links. I managed to get here in a mere 16 hours from London, a delay at Euston right at the start of the trip adding 4 hours on to the journey by the end. My bus down to Galway will take a mere 6 hours so anyone in the simul certainly will have a chance!

The Game of the Month is ready and will be published tomorrow – stay tuned for that! Meanwhile be sure to listen to the Full English Breakfast hosted by my friends Ste Gordon and Loz Trent. It’s always entertaining! In the chess world the European Club Cup is still ongoing but I’m afraid I haven’t been following it in much detail. With just 7 rounds it’s an assault course for the top teams who simply have to win every match. Meanwhile three rounds have been played in the Grand Slam Masters where Ivanchuk is continuing his good form from the World Cup and is leading after just defeating World Champion Vishy Anand with Black. Be sure to also check out Magnus Carlsen losing a wonderful position against Vallejo Pons after blundering a piece. It’s good to see that even the World Number One can make such blunders – it gives us all hope!