Porto San Giorgio has been and gone and now we’re visiting Gawain’s parents in Enniskillen. We flew from Bologna to Dublin via RyanAir but only had to pay 20euro excess fee so it wasn’t too bad. Me, Ga and all our bags made it in one piece. The descent into Dublin Airport was quite windy and we were greeted by rain. We were taken out to Wetherspoon’s for a meal before finding our new home for the next week. Robbie – Gawain’s favourite dog was still the same lively as ever but right now he’s lying peacefully. It was my dad’s birthday on the 1st and being so far away feels kind of strange but I just wanted to say Happy Birthday Dad! (My brother’s and my late grandmother’s as well.) We’re not sure what the plan is for the next few days as Aidan and Rory (Ga’s brothers) are back at school. Gawain is thinking about some kayaking and maybe some biking whereas I’d rather stay inside but we’ll see.