European Individual Blitz and Rapidplay

Gawain left for Poland and this time there were a few English players also participating! The live games seem very touch and go and the pairings aren’t always updated first thing but you can try and check out the website for the latest information. Last year, I recalled there was a feature of a GM commentating (in Polish) but that seems to have disappeared.

This time of year seems quite hectic, with the London Chess Classic, Gawain’s Birthday, European Blitz and Rapidplay and of course Christmas – there is lots of things to do. We will soon be leaving to go to New Zealand for the Queenstown Chess Classic. Where there will be more GMs participating than in the London Chess Classic FIDE Open. I’m hoping Ga will be able to write a report about this tournament but we’ll have to see.

One thing I’m looking forward to seeing is the January 2012 FIDE Rating list. Gawain has done fantastically well this year and I (we) are hoping he will have cracked the Top 100 which his performance. I don’t know if this European Blitz and Rapidplay will count towards the new FIDE rating/blitz lists but we’ll see!

Check out the live games.

Here are the BLITZ Pairings.


Friday, 16th of December 2011

10.00 — first round

10.45 — second round

11.30 — third round

12.00 — opening ceremony

12.15 — fourth round
13.00 — fifth round
13.45 — sixth round
14.30 — seventh round

15.00 — 16.00 lunch break

16.00 — eighth round

16.40 — ninth round
17.20 — tenth round
18.00 — eleventh round
18.40 — twelfth round
19.20 — thirteenth round

20.00 — possible tie-breaks for medals


Saturday, 17th of December 2011

9.30 — first round
10.45 — second round

12.00 -opening ceremony

12.15 — third round
13.30 — fourth round

14.30-15.30 — lunch break

15.30 — fifth round
16.45 — sixth round
18.00 — seventh round
19.15 — eighth round

Sunday, 18th of December 2011

9.30 — ninth round
10.45 — tenth round
12.00 — eleventh round
13.15 — twelfth round
14:30 — thirteenth round

15:45 -possible tie-breaks for medals