Genova, Italy

b>August 2 – 9 2003. I played in Genova, Italy.

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I finished on 6.5 out of 9, losing  to two GrandMasters  in rounds 3 and 7.


7° Open "Genova" Aug 2-9, 2003

Table one Open ‘A’ – finale

4 Sale Srdjan IM 43N+ 25B+ 11N+ 8B+ 2B= 10N+ 5N+ 1B- 7B+ 7.5

1 Milov Vadim GM 40B+ 22N+ 12B= 14N+ 10B= 2N= 9B+ 4N+ 3B+ 7.5

2 GODENA Michele GM 41N+ 21B+ 9N+ 19B+ 4N= 1B= 3N= 5B= 11B+ 7

5 Abolianin Arth IM 44B+ 26N+ 16B= 15N= 30B+ 8N+ 4B- 2N= 14B+ 6.5

9 Jones Gawain C -M 48B+ 62N+ 2B- 42N= 34B+ 23N+ 1N- 37B+ 38N+ 6.5

10 GROMOVS Sergej FM 49N+ 57B= 78N+ 39B+ 1N= 4B- 38N= 64B+ 6B+ 6.5

14 DI-PAOLO Raffa FM 53N+ 67B+ 3N+ 1B- 12N= 25B+ 7N= 8B+ 5N- 6

3 Djuric Stefan GM 42B+ 24N+ 14B- 34N= 36B+ 16N+ 2B= 12N+ 1N- 6

8 ISONZO David FM 47N+ 31B+ 17N+ 4N- 15B+ 5B- 24N+ 14N- 74B+ 6

7 LANZANI Mario IM 46B+ 30N+ 15B= 16N= 51B+ 12N= 14B= 40B+ 4N- 6

15 PISCOPO Pierlu -M 54B+ 71N+ 7N= 5B= 8N- 35B+ 74B+ 11N- 40N+ 6

12 GUIDO Flavio FM 51N+ 59B+ 1N= 57N+ 14B= 7B= 40N= 3B- 16N+ 6

11 SHYTAJ Luca FM 50B+ 68N+ 4B- 46N+ 16B- 30N+ 42B+ 15B+ 2N- 6

25 CORSO Sergio CM 64B+ 4N- 60B+ 40B= 39N+ 14N- 36B+ 6N= 13B+ 6

17 DELIZIA Costan CM 56B+ 75N+ 8B- 33N= 42B= 38N- 28B= 36N+ 67B+ 5.5

19 ESPOSITO Luca -M 58B+ 77N+ 6B+ 2N- 24B= 40B- 37N- 45N+ 42B+ 5.5

38 GIANCOTTI Eral CM 77N- 55B= 73N+ 13B= 62N+ 17B+ 10B= 22N+ 9B- 5.5

40 Stovring Claus -M 1N- 61B+ 75B+ 25N= 33B+ 19N+ 12B= 7N- 15B- 5

16 Tayeb Suhail -M 55N+ 73B+ 5N= 7B= 11N+ 3B- 6B= 13N= 12B- 5

67 Ahmed Ishaq FM 28B+ 14N- 34B- 22N= 50B+ 44N+ 23B= 26N+ 17N- 5

22 MOLLERO Michel CM 61N+ 1B- 45N- 67B= 76N+ 39B+ 51N+ 38B- 35N= 5

6 Boric Muhamed IM 45N+ 27B= 19N- 77B+ 35N= 31B+ 16N= 25B= 10N- 5

24 SHYTAJ Carlo CM 63N+ 3B- 49N+ 35B= 19N= 45B+ 8B- 74N- 46N+ 5

35 Al-Khaja Arif -M 74B= 76N= 71B+ 24N= 6B= 15N- 20B+ 18N= 22B= 5

51 White Kevin -M 12B- 32N+ 26B+ 31B+ 7N- 20N= 22B- 27B+ 23N= 5

64 ALLEGRANTI Luc CM 25N- 43B= 37N- 41B+ 60N+ 33B+ 26B+ 10N- 28B= 5

74 GUASTADINI Pao 1N 35N= 78B- 41N+ 29B+ 13N= 27B+ 15N- 24B+ 8N- 5

13 CACCO Christia -M 52B= 72N+ 39B- 38N= 74B= 57N+ 34B+ 16B= 25N- 5

34 Yahya Mohamed -M 73N- 53B+ 67N+ 3B= 9N- 52B+ 13N- 46B= 49N+ 5

37 VIGILE Matteo CM 76B= 39N- 64B+ 36N- 70F+ 65N+ 19B+ 9N- 18B= 5

28 Goris Ton -M 67N- 50N= 48B= 73B+ 52N= 49B= 17N= 60B+ 64N= 5

23 GENTILE Claudi CM 62B- 56N+ 52B= 70N+ 57B+ 9B- 67N= 42N= 51B= 5

54 BERTINO Andrea CM 15N- 36B= 29N- 63B= 75N= 76B= 73N+ 39B+ 21N+ 5

18 Saleh Nagueb -M 57N- 48N= 50B= 59B+ 45N- 62B+ 31N+ 35B= 37N= 5

42 Fraser-Mitchel -M 3N- 63B+ 76N+ 9B= 17N= 21B+ 11N- 23B= 19N- 4.5

36 Leburgue Sylva -M 75N- 54N= 58B+ 37B+ 3N- 77B+ 25N- 17B- 69N+ 4.5

30 DURDEVIC Rados CM 69N+ 7B- 59N+ 45B+ 5N- 11B- 33N- 61B= 60N+ 4.5

26 SAUTTO Daniele CM 65N+ 5B- 51N- 71B+ 77N= 47B+ 64N- 67B- 63N+ 4.5

33 Majer Chris CM 72B= 52N= 68B+ 17B= 40N- 64N- 30B+ 20N- 65B+ 4.5

20 FOSSATI Remigi CM 59N- 49B- 61N+ 60N= 29B+ 51B= 35N- 33B+ 44N= 4.5

44 RODRIGUEZ Alan CM 5N- 65B+ 77B- 62N- 63N+ 67B- 41B+ 68N+ 20B= 4.5

31 BATTAGGIA Pier CM 70B+ 8N- 62B+ 51N- 72B+ 6N- 18B- 52N= 57B+ 4.5

75 LORUSSO Giusep 1N 36B+ 17B- 40N- 48N- 54B= 50N- 66B+ 59N+ 39B+ 4.5

61 Khouri Ibrahim CM 22B- 40N- 20B- 66N= 56B+ 29N+ 48B= 30N= 32B+ 4.5

45 Ibrahim Ismail -M 6B- 66N+ 22B+ 30N- 18B+ 24N- 21N= 19B- 71N= 4

52 BERNI Mauro CM 13N= 33B= 23N= 27B= 28B= 34N- 71N= 31B= 47N= 4

50 CARZOLIO Luigi CM 11N- 28B= 18N= 76B= 67N- 75B+ 77N= 71B= 43N= 4

49 Soh Edmund -M 10B- 20N+ 24B- 69N= 78B+ 28N= 27N= 21B= 34B- 4

46 BURANI Eugenio CM 7N- 69B+ 21N+ 11B- 27N- 68N= 59B+ 34N= 24B- 4

21 Saeed Ishaq FM 60B+ 2N- 46B- 78N+ 48B+ 42N- 45B= 49N= 54B- 4

71 ARIAUDO Claudi CM 32B+ 15B- 35N- 26N- 53B+ 48N= 52B= 50N= 45B= 4

63 FACCIA Sergio CM 24B- 42N- 32B= 54N= 44B- 53N+ 62B+ 48N+ 26B- 4

43 Schuetzhold Fr -M 4B- 64N= 70B- 58N+ 68B= 59N= 57B= 65N= 50B= 4

47 LETTICH Sergio CM 8B- 70N= 72B= 68N= 69B+ 26N- 65B= 57N= 52B= 4

57 FRUGOLI France CM 18B+ 10N= 27N+ 12B- 23N- 13B- 43N= 47B= 31N- 3.5

48 Castells Brion -M 9N- 18B= 28N= 75B+ 21N- 71B= 61N= 63B- 76N= 3.5

60 Khouri Ahmad A CM 21N- 41B+ 25N- 20B= 64B- 78N+ 32B+ 28N- 30B- 3.5

76 Schoning Lars CM 37N= 35B= 42B- 50N= 22B- 54N= 29B- 55N+ 48B= 3.5

41 FORNO Roberto CM 2B- 60N- 74B- 64N- 66B+ 58B+ 44N- 62N+ 68B= 3.5

68 SAUTTO Alessan CM 29N+ 11B- 33N- 47B= 43N= 46B= 39N= 44B- 41N= 3.5

29 DI-LASCIO Savi CM 68B- 58N= 54B+ 74N- 20N- 61B- 76N+ 69B- 77N+ 3.5

65 Abdulla Mohame -M 26B- 44N- 56B= 55N+ 32N+ 37B- 47N= 43B= 33N- 3.5

27 CAROSSO Andrea CM 66B+ 6N= 57B- 52N= 46B+ 74N- 49B= 51N- 53R- 3.5

32 CIRABISI Feder -M 71N- 51B- 63N= 56N+ 65B- 69B+ 60N- 77B+ 61N- 3.5

69 RIVARA Massimo CM 30B- 46N- 55A+ 49B= 47N- 32N- 78B+ 29N+ 36B- 3.5

58 ROVERSI Stefan CM 19N- 29B= 36N- 43B- 55B= 41N- 53F+ 73B= 66N+ 3.5

39 ASTENGO Marcel CM 78B= 37B+ 13N+ 10N- 25B- 22N- 68B= 54N- 75N- 3

62 ROVATTI Paolo CM 23N+ 9B- 31N- 44B+ 38B- 18N- 63N- 41B- 55F+ 3

77 Mansour Abbas 1N 38B+ 19B- 44N+ 6N- 26B= 36N- 50B= 32N- 29B- 3

56 GALLITTO Salva CM 17N- 23B- 65N= 32B- 61N- 66N- 55B= 53A+ 59B+ 3

59 FORNARO Albert CM 20B+ 12N- 30B- 18N- 73N+ 43B= 46N- 75B- 56N- 2.5

73 PATTARELLO Pie 1N 34B+ 16N- 38B- 28N- 59B- 55N+ 54B- 58N= 78R- 2.5

78 Saeed Ahmad 1N 39N= 74N+ 10B- 21B- 49N- 60B- 69N- 66N- 73A+ 2.5

66 PEDEMONTE Clau CM 27N- 45B- 53N- 61B= 41N- 56B+ 75N- 78B+ 58B- 2.5

72 NICORA Paolo CM 33N= 13B- 47N= 53B+ 31N- 70R- 70R- 70R- 70R- 2

55 DIENA Giovanni CM 16B- 38N= 69R- 65B- 58N= 73B- 56N= 76B- 62G- 1.5

70 RODELLA Franco CM 31N- 47B= 43N+ 23B- 37G- 72R- 72R- 72R- 72R- 1.5

53 SORCINELLI Fra CM 14B- 34N- 66B+ 72N- 71N- 63B- 58G- 56R- 27R- 1