Gibraltar: Arrival Day

Today Gawain left home at 4.30am to get to Gatwick in time for his flight to Gibraltar for the 2011 Tradewise Gibraltar Festival. After two attempted landings he finally made it but now I’ve seem to have lost contact with him. For some reason his mobile isn’t working but I’m sure he’s fine. The Challengers and Amateurs have already started with tomorrow being the first round of the Masters which features a pretty impressive line up with Ivanchuk,Adams,Vallejo Pons amongst many others. On at the same time is the Tata Steel meaning hopefully there will be exciting games! Unfortunately, there a group of players are stuck I believe IM Irina Krush and GM Krishnan Sasikiran are currently at Heathrow due to the cancellations of their BA flights to Gibraltar. The flights were going to try to land in Malaga,Spain but some of the chess players do not have the Shengen visa which would be needed. Hopefully they can get to Gib as soon as possible!