Gibraltar Update

So Gibraltar is more than halfway through and I am sorry for not updating earlier. I am currently laptopless and am typing this up on my phone so sorry if it also looks funny! Gawain started his tournament with a draw in the first round against an IM from India named Karavade. In round 2 he lost to GM Bellon sometimes know as Mr Pia Cramling in a Grand Prix Attack, somewhere along the way he blundered and ended up a piece down. I visited on Sunday for an evening and by then he was on 4/7 but today he lost against a Qatari IM. Tomorrow night I believe in the pairs blitz and then maybe an evening will also be spent playing poker at the casino. During the tournament Gawain and his teammates(GM Berg,GM Williams and IM Rudd) won the teams blitz where they were seeded second. I believe at this moment there is a power cut affecting the hotel if not most of Gibraltar. A strange thing happened while flying from London Gatwick was that Gibraltar airport was closed due to power problems at the traffic control desk. We made it in the end with a 2hour delay but at least we weren’t diverted to Malaga! I want to say good luck for the rest of the tournaments and the side events!