Happy Easter! A long and much overdue update

When we started Gawain’s website we had such bold ideas but life got busy and it was something that we did not prioritize as it’s time-consuming and doesn’t pay at all! But I know that we have some readers and fans who enjoy the content so that was always nice to know. I now see that I’ve not written since January 2019 and life has changed in many ways for us. Firstly, I stopped playing chess after Reykjavik 2019. I actually had a great tournament and missed out on a norm by ½ point. I nearly won as much prize money as Gawain too which was a first. I think I’ll write an update about Reykjavik (though it’s been a year plus as we were mostly on holiday!) the non-chess stuff is much easier to write for me.

Preparing for the Summer…

Since January 2019 we’ve bought our first home in Sheffield. We are still in the middle of a few renovation works but the majority have been completed! I’m also pregnant with our first child and she will be born in June – we are both very excited about bringing up a child and becoming parents!

Just before the lockdown – celebrating my 29th Birthday in the Peak District.

I’ve been working from home since mid-March due to Covid 19 and we are now fostering a dog (unfortunately I can’t put her picture up but she’s a lovely sweet 10 year old staffy). Gawain is also currently at home and working on a book – I can’t say much yet about who he’s writing for or what it’s about but hopefully we can announce more as the year goes by.



Enjoying life in Rarotonga…

We also went back to NZ over Christmas and visited the Cook Islands (where my dad is from) for the first time! We had the best time in Rarotonga and had so much fun! We had sunshine, monsoon rain and we ate so much food. Gawain also did a mini simul at the local chess club. If you ever get the chance to visit this remote pacific island I would highly recommend doing so!

I also want to mention the sad news that Arianne Caoili passed away after a car crash in March, I didn’t know her too well but it was very sad news in the midst of this pandemic. Just thinking of Lev during these devastating times.

What does a chess professional do when they can’t play?
Gawain had several leagues and tournaments cancelled. He wasn’t planning on playing much as the baby is due in June but it is obviously a disruption to both his lifestyle and finances. Since being at home, he’s been writing some articles for New In Chess, playing Banter Blitz and Titled Tuesday. Online chess seems to be the forum that many players will be playing until things go back to normal. Coaching also seems to be a popular way of generating an income but for now, Gawain won’t be offering any coaching services.

With the British and Olympiad tournaments cancelled or postponed we hope that he’ll be back to playing in the Autumn but I’m assuming 2021 will be a busy year for several reasons!

I hope all our readers are keeping safe in these strange times and I now need to remember how to actually post an update on the website as it’s been far too long!