Hastings International Chess Congress

Today is the first round of the 88th Hastings International Chess Congress held in the seaside town of Hastings. This is my second time in Hastings and I’m looking forward to playing some good chess.

For some reason they have accelerated the pairings (where the top of the first quarter plays against the top of the second quarter etc.). I’m not sure why they have these pairings especially when there are 85 players. Here are the pairings.

You can watch the live games here.

The weather here is wet and windy. It isn’t very cold and we have a lovely sea view from our room. I’ve done a quick walk around town (getting a sense of where the various shops are) and I think tomorrow I’ll try and head into the Old Town. From memory it’s the nicest part.

Will try and take some photos/update when I’m free!