Head Injury

Hello Again,

Last week was quite eventful as on the way to the supermarket Gawain managed to run into a height bar restriction thing coming out of a carpark at the bottom of our apartment block. His head ended up bleeding profusely so after walking back to our place to check on the injury we decided to go see the Dr. Our Doctor was a really nice lady who gave Gawain 4stiches, me standing there with Gawain squeezing my hand and trying to keep my cool and smiling as this lady stuck a needle into his head. But all was well, he could still sing a tune and recite chess notation. A few days later his stitches started to fall out and only one was left when Gawain went back to the doctors.

This week Gawain annotated a few games for www.chesspublishing.com on the Dragon (check it out).

Happy Belated Birthday to our friend Gary! Whose cake we ate..

Gawain might put up an annotated game at some point 🙂