Icelandic Chess League

Gawain now plays for the newly merged Godinn Matar chess club. We had both previously played for Matar in Iceland for the last season but unfortunately Matar was relegated from the division but fortunately for us we now have the best of both world and the most awesome and helpful team.

I would like to say a special thank you to Jon, Einar, Hermann and Palmi who I was in touch with to make this happen.


I think I should get an IM t-shirt for his birthday. What do you think?

Jon Ludvig Hammer ‏@gmjlh tweeted “@GMGawain‘s recent successes seems to have gone to his head. He was wearing a t-shirt saying “GM” all weekend.”

This isn’t the case as I’ve got my own t-shirt for when I play later in the season. The two clubs realised after they merged that  their initials became GM and so they went ahead and printed a whole bunch of t-shirts so now who looks a bit funny? Actual GMs like Gawain. Occasionally he hasn’t been recognized in our chess shop as a reader wrote in to us with a conversation he overhead

“Almost bumped into Gawain at the L/C/Centre earlier today, though the guy talking to you took up all your time (and delayed your lunch).

I loved:

Anon: “Keep reading those and you’ll become a grandmaster”

GJ: “I am a grandmaster”

Good response :)”

The next time the Icelandic league will be played is the weekend after the Reykjavik Open. I’m now very good at spelling Reykjavik without having google auto correct as I’ve been so many times.  Iceland is a fantastic place to visit but I believe even more special for a chess player. There is something magical about being in Iceland and the tap water is fantastic and the pigeons are not retarded like the ones in London. You can read my previous posts in London.