Non players not allowed to watch Boards 20-100..

So I just dropped into one of the two venues (Centre des Congrès(top 100 boards play in 3 different rooms) as well as the Casino Grand Cercle) to see Gawain’s game but I was prompty kicked out by one of the arbiters. Yesterday, I was free to roam into his playing hall (with many other spectators) but today that doesn’t seem to be the case which is a shame as I do hope he plays on those high boards :). The room itself is very small compared to the Casino (where he was playing yesterday) as well as being extremely stuffy! I ventured into the auditorium(massive) which hosts boards 1-20 but you can only see the players and not the game so I’m back watching it online.

Oh well, I just bought a croissant added some rhubarb jam and sat on our balcony watching the sun go down..