Porto San Giorgio

We finally arrived in Porto San Giorgio after an epic journey. We woke up at 5 sleep deprived and hungry for our 6hour train journey. We went through Prato and Bologna before arriving in Ancona and getting some brunch (pizza and salad). Originally we thought there was a 12.30 train which would arrive in an hour’s time but to our dismay we found out that that particular train only ran at certain times of the year. No harm done though and at 1.30 we were on our way in time for the start of round 1. Gawain won his first two games whereas I’ve lost both of mine but Gawain says I’m playing ok. Today we played a father and son pair (Gawain playing the dad), He was surprised on move 1 but no problems there as Gawain believes he was simply winning out of the opening as his opponent weakened himself too much. I think you can find results here but perhaps you need to speak Italian! www.torneoscacchi.it

Again the temperature here is soaring luckily we’re getting a lift every day!

We’re off to the beach before dinner then our nightly walk.