Round 1, Ennis Open.

Last night, Gawain was paired with Gabriel Mirza rated 1514. Gabriel played a very offbeat opening in which he was very cramped. Gawain grabbed space, broke through, won material and the game.

 I on the other hand was playing on Board 6 (to my surprise) and had the white pieces against Barry Foran rated 1466. The game was very tough with him only making two blunders for me to win! In Ireland the ratings are very low for how the players play and it’s quite bad when you hope they will blunder because here they (aren’t 1400 FIDE strength and) won’t.

Today, we will play 3 rounds which the first starting at 10am. Here’s a photo of the times of the next round.

I hope to update tomorrow night but I can’t guarantee to do so.

Fingers crossed for today!