Round 2,3,4


Well yesterday was a tough day! 3 games in a roll and then of course a few pints after (and perhaps during the game)  meant a late evening.

The day got of shaky for Ga, who managed to convert 3 drawing positions plus a slightly worse endgame into wins so he is on 4/4.

I on the other hand have 3/4 just losing to the top seed in an interesting game where I apparently missed a mate in 2 (not sure how accurate but GM Vlad Jianu said I was just winning) with an endgame of Q+B vs R+R+B (with some pawns). Need to read up on those Dvortesky endgames 🙂

Round 4 starts at 10am again (currently 9.32, aren’t I dedicated) and Gawain is playing the Top Seed (they are using Irish ratings) GM Vlad Jianu – let’s say I think it’s going to be an aggressive game (having to paly for the win) but we’ll see…