Round 3&4

Round 3 meant Gawain was playing on the stage but the playing conditions there aren’t so great – cramped and if you wanted to go toilet you had to walk up 4 flights of stairs to and you would come across a smelly bathroom. Gawain’s game against Iordachescu unfortunately ended in a lost – Ga felt he just made a miscalculation and that one move changed it all. Luckily, this tournament is 11 rounds so one loss doesn’t cost you the tournament. Next up for Gawain was a player he played in the last round of the Corsican Masters IM Shirazi. He beat him this time utilizing the sicilian opening. Round 5 is happening at the moment and he is playing GM Mamedov on the live boards and it looks like a Dragon…Fingers crossed.

Can you spot the Grandmaster below?