RSS Feeder (and bits and pieces!)

Thanks to the request of one of our readers we have activated our RSS Feeder.. (though I think YOU have to subscribe..) and I don’t know too much about it. If you have any hints, let me know and hopefully I can make the website more user friendly.

After a sojourn at the Grandparents in the Lancashire Countryside (with a stopover at the pub for a pint(3!) and homemade sticky toffee pudding). We are of on holidays to Wales for a well deserve break before Gawain heads over to Rome for the 1st Barclays International.

1) Leave London

2) Lancashire

3)Back to London

4) In Wales!
(Gawain didn’t understand my map)

Today we travelled back to London so Gawain could play in the India Global Internet Speed Chess Tournament in which he scored 7.5/11. The winner of the event was won by ZavenGrozny who is Zaven Andriasyan  (2616).  The train journey from Manchester to London Euston was very overcrowded which didn’t make for a pleasant journey but from London Euston it was a very quick and easy journey home.

Lots of things are going on at the moment chess wise being such a busy summer. World Cup is on – Big Upset – Peter Leko losing to a young American Grandmaster Samuel Shankland. Mickey Adams. England’s sole representative won his first round with the black pieces.

We see a comeback with England’s  Matthew Sadler finishing outright first in his first real tournament in 13years. He won in the last round with the White pieces against the Dutch number 3 Jan Smeets.

Might try to update with a picture or two whilst away but probably won’t manage as we are I believe leaving the laptop(s) at home! Keep up to date via GMGawain on Twitter!