SA Open – Round 10

It’s been 4 day since I last wrote. If you really would like to know Gawain’s score you can go to and find results there.

He had a draw with Amon though there was a bit of a commotion. Gawain’s opponent offered him a draw but he didn’t see the offer and made a move (his position was slightly worse) he offered a draw back but his opponent rejected. Gawain thought his position would be holdable but tough but fortunately his opponent accepted his second draw offer. This same problem also occurred in a later game of Mirko’s where he didn’t see the offer but fortunately held the draw anyway. Such teething problems are to be expected with new servers and the chesscube organisation have promised to make the draw offer more prominent.

Gawain drew his next two games as well against Puchen and GM Komasov (who has seconded former FIDE World Champion Ponomariov). He got back to winning ways yesterday with a victory over IM Mabusela. Today he is facing FM de Villiers with black which should be a tough game. Gawain leads on 7.5/9 with Simutowe and Puchen who is black against Komasov. Only two games to go!

I realised today that we leave Melbourne in two days and have started frantically packing our stuff (which has accumulated while we’ve been in Australia). Maybe our talking piggy bank wasn’t a necessary purchase but all my dresses were!

Gawain drinking his ever needed caffeine to keep awake and me in the background in my pjs!