São Paulo/Bilbao


On the other side of the world at the moment (Brazil to be exact) the Chess Masters Finals is happening. With a massive FIDE event happening in London at the moment it’s easy to forget what other chess is happening especially if we are sleeping while they are playing.

I’ve never been to Brazil but would love to go especially to see Carnival. There’s some not so good things about São Paulo, ‘A City with 180 kms of traffic jams’ which really do seem like a nightmare. I’m sure the chess will be good though with a super line up of Magnus Carlsen, Vishy Anand, Lev Aronian, Francisco Vallejo Pons, Fabiano Caruana and Sergey Karyakin. There has been 4 decisive results already after 2 rounds. Carlsen overpresssed against Caruana in Round 1.

Carlsen tweeted “Was close to winning, but he defended well, and seems there were always enough resources. #that‘s life”


Aronian-Karyakin was a long line of theory and novelty which both players blasted out but the game ended quickly when Karyakin found the wrong plan.

Games start at 15:00 local time which is 19:00 London time.