South Africa Open Blitz Champion

After a few days of safarying (and without internet or mobile access) Gawain is now back in Johanneburg playing in the Commonwealth Championship. He started off with an 100% score with 1/1 in the main draw and 9/9 in the blitz, including beating GM David Smerdon, IM Sahai Grover. The blitz was a marathon event with lasted 5 hours(!) and included the withdraw of GM Gupta and Kunte due to the time the tournament was taking…

Round 2 starts at 10am (South African time- GMT +2 hours I believe) and though there is a Commonwealth Championship websiteChess-Results is where the updates are regarding pairings. I don’t see on their official website a link to live games but maybe you viewers who are on Chesscube could let me know if they are available to view on their server.

I hope that you’ll hear Gawain’s thoughts soon but I can assure you readers, he is alive and well after frantically trying to find him!