Staunton Memorial

We’re now in London for the Staunton Memorial Tournament held at Simpsons-in-the-Strand. Gawain had an unfortunate finish at the British going rom 6/7 to 7/11 but we’ll have to wait for next year. Congratulations to our friend GM David Howell for winning! He also won the U18 & U21 sections. It was quite a rush to go from Torquay as the schedule doesn’t allow a break for those who have played in the British.

Gawain’s confidence is at a low and I hope he wins today (he’s on 0.5/4). It’s a tough field so I know it won’t be easy but he’ll get back on track at some stage. It’s quite a gruelling schedule – I personally couldn’t do it and after all of this we’re off to Porto San Giorgio but that should be relaxing – eating good food, drinking and lazing around the beach.

If you want to head over to see Gawain (or any of the others play – Mickey Adams, Nigel Short, David Howell or Luke McShane) feel free to drop by though there is a dress code! You could even have a GrandMaster Cocktail for £9 if you wish.

Draw with Jan Werle