Sun, Sand and Sea

It’s been a few more days and the weather has fortunately cooled. Today Gawain finished in about 5minutes whereas I finished in about 5 hours with the same results draw – sometimes chess is tough. Gawain’s on 4/5 and I’m on 2/5.

We went to the beach today but in the summer heat it can just be so unbearable.The beaches here are just filled with tanned (or even burnt) italian tourists who choose this lovely beach area for their summer holidays. The nightlife here is booming with concerts being held over the past nights. We haven’t joined in that fun but instead have been playing “Braccio-mente” with GM Stephen Gordon,IM Loz Trent & his dad plus Fabio an italian friend. The games last for hours but are quite fun where one person is the “arm” and the other the “brain” so you can come up with some wacky combinations! Chess is tiring though but I’ve booked our hotel for our few nights stay in Bologna and then we’re off to visit Gawain’s parents in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland!

I’ll try and upload some more pictures of the sand and sea soon.