Update – Off to Dublin on Friday

We’re in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland still enjoying the hospitality of the Jones family. On Friday we shall start our travels again and make our way down to Dublin. Down there is a tournament the Joyce Weekender in Dun Laoghaire (Dun Lerry) from the 21st-22nd of August held at the Boylan Community Centre. The Joyce Weekender is one of the many events which is being held during the Dun Laoghaire Chess Festival – there is a Grandmaster and International Master event which is a 10player all play all. Hopefully we’ll be able to spend a day sightseeing before we head back to Great Britain. Gawain’s ever so talented brother Rory Jones (watch this space)  who is at a workshop for the Youth Music Theatre. We’re off to watch him in Oxenholme before picking up half of our worldly possessions from Grandma and Peter before heading to London.

Enniskillen had a fantastic summer day yesterday! I cycled and took Robbie (the dog) for a walk. Robbie has been very confused with gaining two people (Ga & me) and then losing a few (Dad & Rory) but one is coming back this evening so hopefully Robbie will cheer up.  Occasionally Ga (or whoever has taken Robbie out for a walk) needs to pick him up and carry him home. We’re not sure why this happens but when it does Ga confessed to being embarrassed when asked if his dog was injured – the answer would have been “No, just lazy and stubborn”.

Last Friday Enniskillen was home to the Tug Of War UK Outdoor Championships. We trod along to go and watch what this was about. By no means was this the childhood game we played whilst at camp – these were fully grown men (and woman) with tactics and chants. We left early before finding out any results but maybe this could be a sport we could try.