Victoria Open

This weekend was not quite as successful as we hoped. The Vic Open was held at Box Hill chess club which was quite a commute from where we lived. Over the weekend we played 7 rounds in total. Gawain blundered his queen unfortunately whilst in time trouble in round 4 and drew his last round against the eventual winner IM Mirko Rujevic. It was a bit disappointing for Ga (who ended up on 5.5/7)unfortunately but he bounced back and is now working hard to try and beat these Aussies!We also saw Gawain’s book stocked and someone actually bought it (an opponent of his) and got it signed. It was on sale for $43! A bargain surely.

Now the plan is to do some chess study and get ready for the upcoming tournaments in the summer. I myself have been appointed to do his accounts and emails which will keep me quite busy. Gawain has now confirmed to play in the George Trundle Closed Tournament that will be held in Auckland during the Spring. We would also like to congratulate our friend David Smerdon with his victory in the NSW Open who gained enough rating points to receive his GM title.

The weather here is getting quite chilly and we’re looking forward to the sun on the gold coast in a week and half time.

Today we went out shopping and being wise money people we spent 1/3 of our money on cake. Hopefully this will last more than a couple of days before we have to replenish our supply for our sweet teeth ….